When to Stop Writing

The primary reason that I have been writing this blog has been as a stimulus for and record of my own education. In 18 months of research and thinking about psychology and climate change I have learned a great deal. I hope that some readers also have found the blog useful.

Although the subject seems inexhaustible, at some point there will be a good moment to bring the blog to an end. With the Paris agreement now in the rear-view mirror, this might be such a moment. However, as a volunteer actively helping to lobby the Massachusetts legislature to enact forward-looking green energy legislation, I may want to write more about that particular topic before the current legislative session ends next summer. Will the Massachusetts legislature react positively to the Paris climate agreement by passing laws to increase the supply of renewable energy (especially wind and solar) in the state? The state has an opportunity to become the American home to offshore wind companies, including the world’s largest wind turbine company (Dong Energy, a Danish company), and to help jump-start offshore wind development in the U.S., which lags far behind Europe in that area. But it is too soon to be confident what our legislature will do. Our state Senate is generally forward-looking about climate change and energy, while the House is more of a mixed bag. For example, one state representative with whom I spoke at length is clearly much more concerned about keeping the price of electricity as low as possible than he is in addressing climate change.

In anticipation of my final blog post, whenever that may be, I am adding to the blog an Adobe Acrobat document that includes all of the posts to date—more than three dozen—in chronological order. For those who may be interested in reviewing the blog in its entirety, it will be easier to read a single document than to scroll through the entries online. I will keep that document updated if and when I make any additional posts. It can be found in the “About” section of this blog: https://climatepsychology.wordpress.com/about/

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